Neeti Sivakumar


Job board 

Team: Litmus Program, Marron Institute of Urban Management Role: UI/UX Designer

Charting New Beginnings is a job board and resume building platform for the currently and recently incarcerated.
The platform aims to to solve the problem facing people reentering into the community—the challenge of securing employment with a criminal record—by creating a tool to match employers who are willing to hire people with justice involvement with people who have prior convictions. The pilot phase of this demonstration project is supported by a grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.  

Screenshots: Login screen; Registration screen; Applicants page for employers

Design: A userflow was developed by the team to integrate numerous stakeholders, from potential employees, employers, and institutions involved. This has been rendered to five primary milestones - application, interview, hiring decision, hiring and post-release decision. This flow directs the user interface for the various participants that are a part of this decision making process.

Borrowing the visual aesthetic from IDOC (Illinois Department of Corrections), a colour palette of blue and yellow was adopted. 

Screenshots: Colour paletter and typography for UI;  Job description page for employers

Figma Prototype: Walkthrough of beta version of IDOC resume tool