Neeti Sivakumar

Tropical Saturated Landscapes

Interfaces for multi-species

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Tropical saturated landscapes is an exploration into interspecies environments. It began as an inquisition into current urban environments and culminates in a virtual city that consists of interfaces built for all species.

Photogrammetry Models: Documenting Existing Interfaces Suitable for Multi-species

Context: The project delves into the possibility of manipulating the built environment for birds. Electric poles and street lights became the module to provide possible perching spots. While the poles branch out to provide more space, they are also made of edible material. These ‘urban trees’ can deteriorate naturally.
Speculative fiction as a method of exploration: The city had finally been lost to capitalism. Humans could not afford to live in cities anymore, and that was when the other species struck. It was pure strategy. The insects hid in the cracks. The pets revolted. The sea creatures slithered through the pipes. The birds held meetings on rooftops, balconies, electric wires, almost as if they were mocking the humans who stayed behind. It was then when the humans realized how much the other species on earth had adapted to the human environment.

Screenshot: Blender Model

Screenshots: Building for Multispecies in Virtual Reality

Walkthrough: Worldbuilding on Sansar