Neeti Sivakumar

I am an product designer with focus on digital interactions for social design.
As a multidisciplinary artist
, I work at the intersection of participative and collaborative storytelling and multimedia art.
I am currently pursuing my masters in Interactive  Telecommunications (ITP) at Tisch School of the Arts, NYU.

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The Reading Room

Web-platform for Location-based Storytelling
Instagram Website (in development)

Team: Neeti Sivakumar, Anushka Trivedi, Ishwari Arambam, Oshin Padhye, George Panicker, Shreya Pidikiti

Supported by
Goethe-Institut, BeFantastic, ZKM Karlsruhe

Supported by

The Reading Room is a collaborative storytelling project that enables us to think of place differently. It is supported by Goethe Institut’s ‘C3: Coding, Creativity, Communities’ grant. Through storytelling, we can take the initiative of re-defining a place beyond its history and geography.

As makers of place, stories can be drawn from lived-experiences or personal encounters. The Reading Room is home to all stories — from places without names on a map to segregated and integrated places, of places you wish you’d gone to or hadn’t, or the farthest you go in a day.

The Reading Room works as a dialogue between storytellers and their listeners. The experience of a story will create conversations, trigger thoughts, and make meaningful connections.