Neeti Sivakumar

reActive Physiohub

Logo design for a physiotherapy studio

Team: Diagrammar
Procreate, Adobe Creative Suite

reActive Physio Hub is a physiotherapy studio that is looking to provide pain relief and long-term solutions to clients with sports injuries. It is also a pilates studio that provides rehabilitation for all ages and lifestyles.

Screenshots: Iterations towards the final design

Design: This logo embodies the essence of movement and business vitality with a dynamic color palette of orange, blue, and yellow. It features a skeletal representation of a knee joint, capturing the physicality of the studio.

The design seamlessly integrates the concept of play, intrinsic to activity, while a circular element signifies both rejuvenation and rest. The synergy of these elements reflects the business's commitment to both energy and recovery.

Screenshots: Initial design; Final logo