Neeti Sivakumar

Miraya Greens

Website for hotel venue


Tools: Webflow, Figma, Adobe Creative Suite
Miraya Greens is a hotel venue predominantly focused on wedding and corporate events. The website showcases Miraya Green’s venue and guides guests through the hotel’s facilities and services. It is essentially their primary presence online and provides the simplest means of reservation.

Screenshot: Landing screen for Miraya Green website

Design: Using Miraya Green’s existing branding, the concept is dedicated to creating an ambience around the venue’s atmosphere. Each page has a dedicated dropdown menu indicating existing facilities with corresponding photographs. The static website allows dynamic web booking by guests. The website was developed using webflow and is designed  responsively.

As the focus of the website is to ensure smooth booking, the landing screen has a call to action that scrolls into a quick glimpse of the venue. The navigation intentionally draws attention to the slideshow of background images. The theme was built around the visual language of the venue - using shades of green and yellow to showcase the richness of the context.

Screenshots: Wireframe of final design; Example layout

Screenshots: Design development and exploration of website

The final iteration invites guests to swipe through either on a mobile device or a laptop. Further exploration of the venue can be seen through a 360 degree capture and a brief description available under each category.

The design is size responsive and has been redesigned for a seamless experience via a smartphone. 

Video: Walkthrough of desktop website design

Screenshots: Mobile prototype of website