Neeti Sivakumar


Branding for NGO for menstrual health

Tools: Adobe Creative Suite
Collective Consciousness is a not for profit organization that leverages the privileged who have access to opportunities to create a more egalitarian society. They aim to empower people across all sections of society. DEVI is a project of Collective Consciousness that is transforming the learning process around menstruation to undo socio-cultural antecedents through science, technology and perception reform around menstrual health. It seeks to address critical menstrual health and hygiene challenges in India for over 200 million women and girls. Through technology, Devi wants to overcome the information and access barriers and transform period poverty into period parity.

Screenshots: Iterations and development of final logo

Design: As Devi was still in the ideation and inception phase, the project intended to focuse on the visual peal and the overall aesthetic. Devi intially aims to address period parity in government schools. The main target audience will be adolescents, and the women in the lower economic strata. Devi is also trying to identify a sustainable and environmentally friendly product that can be used to manufacture a
sanitary pad that can be provided on a regular basis.

Devi means goddess in Sanskrit. With cultural roots in the Indian context, Devi refers to Durga, the name of a Hindu goddess. She is the embodiment of female energy. The color red and a red dot (bindi) are generally associated with Devi. The branding indicates strength and empowerment while using traditional patterns and icons to make it culturally accessible.
The pattern allows for visual development in packaging and further use in standalone social media marketing.  

Screenshots: Illustrations for website and social media