Neeti Sivakumar


Logo design for agriculture remanufacturing company 

Tools: Procreate, Adobe Creative Suite

Aranyakam Ventures is a company that explores opportunities in the food agriculture domain. The goal of the company is upliftment of people in rural India. They engage in product sourcing and contract manufacturing for the food industry.

Screenshot: Initial sketches of logo

Design: Aranyakam's core mission revolves around connecting farmers to the global market, empowering farmer groups, and boosting small businesses through accessible capital. Focused on securing fair prices for farmers, the logo captures the synergy between manufacturing and wholesale industries. In a vibrant shade of green, it artfully incorporates branches and leaves meticulously shaped into a yin yang symbol.

This emblem symbolizes balance and harmony, reflecting Aranyakam's commitment to sustainable agriculture, economic empowerment, and global connectivity. The design communicates the brand's dedication to fostering a symbiotic relationship between nature, commerce, and community, making it an emblem of seamless growth and fairness.

Screenshots: Developed variations of final option

Screenshots: Final logo with style guide